From Keith Melton, Chair of the Green Liberal Democrats

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Welcome to the first issue of Greeneralia, which I hope you will enjoy reading.

It seemed to us that, at the moment of this critical Climate Emergency, there is a need to spread the understanding of the urgency of the issue. Of course. More than that, however, it is also important to understand what each of us living on this shared planet needs to do, both collectively and on an individual basis, to avert our twofold environmental crisis.

In fact, we face two existential issues, either of which could spell the end of life on earth as we know it. But both together present huge threats, and there is little doubt that they are interlinked to an extent. The Climate Crisis is perhaps the more widely known issue and Greeneralia will, we hope, provide insights into the causes, but also into the solutions we have available and the solutions we still need to search for. But the planet is also facing critical Biodiversity Loss, which needs to be tackled as well.

Some threats, to some species, are from the same source as the Climate emergency, namely global overheating. But some potential extinctions and severe population collapses are caused by other pressures on the natural world due to our encroachment into former wildernesses and natural resources, feeding an apparently unsatiable demand for our improved standards of living. What IS entirely clear is that the root cause of both threats is anthropogenic. In other words, it is down to US – human beings – that the world is struggling now.

Greeneralia will be all about how we humans should become part of the solutions rather than the root cause of the problems.

Keith Melton

Keith at the Autumn 2019 Liberal Democrat Conference in Bournemouth, courtesy of Stafford & Stone Lib Dems